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Jan 22, 2010 05:57 PM

Great experience at NUNU - Ethiopian food on Queen West

I have been meaing to check this place out since I have heard and read so many good reviews about it. So my roommate and I went there tonight and it was just so great - the food, the ambiance and the people. Such a beautiful place and amazing food. Nunu (the owner) and her husband were so frinedly and welcoming. We didn't leave anything on the plate. To be 100% honest, the dessert was a bit overpriced BUT we didn't mind at all paying good tip because of such a wonderful experience there. I highly recommend you try this place. You will not regret it :)

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  1. Absolutely loved it, too! I went with my husband on a Friday night with no reservation and it was not busy (regrettably for them). We both shared the Misto Misto platter of meat and vegetable samplings. We went for the spicy version and did not regret it. The spices were complex, not just sheer fire on your tongue. Each bite had something new to offer. The only thing that was not perfect were the beef tibs. Dry and reminiscent of jerky. We also treated ourselves to the special Ethiopian coffee - a must do as it is also theatre. They roast the beans at your table and release their fragrance like incense around you. They also burn frankincense while you sip the espresso like coffee, served with sugar but not milk. Wonderful experience that has me wondering why people bother dropping $35 on a Swiss Chalet meal when you can have this for the same amount.

    1. Are they still serving all the injera rolled up on the side of the plate? That takes half the fun out of eating Ethiopian for me -- the last bits of injera that have soaked up all the delicious sauces.

      I'm not a connoisseur of Ethiopian, but I came away from Nunu feeling like I'd paid an awful lot for the decor vs. other cheaper (and cheaper looking) Ethiopian places around town.

      1. Fabulous! We hadn't even left the restaurant and I was deciding when I could return another fabulous meal.
        The owner is a delight, too!

        1. I still prefer Addis Ababa. The portions are larger and the room is warmer/more inviting, in my opinion.

          Addis Ababa
          1184 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1J5, CA

          1. we finally made it there tonight.

            -nice atmosphere and decor
            -best kitfo in the city. hands down. smooth and delicate with the perfect hint of spice.
            -presentation of their meat/veggie plate was beautiful. lots of choices.
            -their chicken dishes were great (normally I avoid chicken when eating Ethiopian, since the spices never seem to match the taste of the chicken)
            -beets were done beautifully

            -lots of pockets of food on the meat/veggie platter but not a whole lot of 1 thing
            -no bean/lentis stews on the platter
            -price. this was a biggie.

            for 4 to eat with 1 drink each and the kitfo as an appetizer, it was $155 with tax. four of us can eat at Dukem for less than half that amount and be just as happy, if not happier, with our meat choices.