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Jan 22, 2010 05:16 PM

East SD Sushi Recs

Any recs for Santee-area sushi? Close to Domo Sushi, but they haven't had favorites like uni and aji when I've been there.

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  1. Try Oishii on Mast, in the strip mall anchored by Domino's and a dry cleaners. It's our favourite sushi place in Santee. Mike will make you what you want if he has it, and I do believe they usually have ahi and uni.

    1. Oiishi is much better than Domo, despite not having a "50% off Sushi" sign up since opening day. I so want to ask when is it ever full price....

      Oiishi is closed on Sundays. Located basically across the street from the Albertson's.

      1. Thanks for the recs...tried a new place on Cuyamaca (50% coupon)....should have known when i saw 'Mandarin' and 'Szichuan' on the sign...walked out after the first sake. I'll give Oishii a try.

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          That place has been there forever in various 'Asian' iterations, none of which have been good. The sushi is relatively new for them. I just never have thought 'sale' sushi is a good idea.

          Before it was Oiishi it was a really good Thai place and that cook is still there. (Thai is on the opposite side of the Japanese menu.) I have a difficult time deciding where to go when I have a craving for Thai now that Sab E Lee is the same distance from home...The menus are not melded except that whomever does the frying for each cuisine knows how to do it perfectly.

          1. re: Cathy

            Oh, but isn't it nice we have those types of choices now, Cathy? :)

            1. re: phee

              It is really nice.

              I look forward to trying the new Japanese steakhouse (in the Best Buy mall). Looks like it will open soon; furniture was unpacked and in front window.

              1. re: Cathy

                We've had our eye on that one, too. Hopefully, it works and doesn't go unnoticed (if it's good) like La Trattoria. It's just nice not to have far to go for a good meal! By the way, if you haven't tried Nam Long yet (by Round Table), don't bother. We were beyond unimpressed.

                1. re: phee

                  The first clue about Nam Long is the "Oriental Cuisine" sign out front....

                  Unfortunately we have tried it. Twice. I was hoping...

        2. Not sure how far east you want to go, but Nori at the Viejas Casino will do in a pinch. They have a lot of the Americanized rolls, but the restaurant is super clean, the service is efficient, and the food is decent.