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Jan 22, 2010 03:38 PM

Kitchener/Waterloo - Central Fresh Market?

You have to be heading south on King to catch the facade and then it looks like a small Toronto green grocer to me. Inside it's slightly larger than our local Zehrs but has a wider selection of things I've lacked.

Finally found decent Hungarian kolbasz, hot or mild, there. Surprised when the lady asked, "Dry or moist?" It's the real stuff alright and very pleasing. Had better, but still very, very good.

I was there for a quick look only. Seems interesting as I found that it's independent.

Can someone local fill in the gaps here with comments?


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  1. We have lived in Waterloo for about 10 years, and regularly hit up Central Fresh Market. (It used to be called Central Meat Market)

    Generally we don't use it for our main grocery shopping but its a great store for meat. They ALWAYS have a good selection of pork butt (shoulder), pig tails, hocks, short ribs, sausage casing etc. Lots of good steaks and roasts etc. They have good ground meats and stock trays of "meatloaf mix" thats half pork and half beef. Very handy for many applications, nice to only have to buy one package.

    Deli counter is good too, and there are good deals on stuff like cheese ends from the slicer. Produce is usually pretty good, not bakery but they bring in fresh stuff from Silva's Portuguese Bakery which is excellent.

    I'm a real BBQ junkie so I primarily am looking for meats, but def the best store in town for that.