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Jan 22, 2010 03:01 PM

What about a Triangle Board? [moved from South board]

Check out my posts in the New Board Breakdown topic under Site Talk


I estimate that we regularly have 3 times the number of posts that Atlanta has, but in the reorganization they get their own board and we don't. The count since 2010: Triangle 51 posts vs 15 posts for Atlanta. I suspect that's because we are so fragmented... well, that's pretty obvious.

So, who are we? chopped liver plain grits?

Wondering how folks feel. Does it matter?

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    1. We Triangleites do love our chow - both eating it AND talking about it!

      1. I just saw the notice and thought the same thing! The Triangle has consistently strong participation and has been receiving a great deal of recognition in food related matters over the last few years.

        1. They may be trying to spur participation for Atlanta by giving it a board of its own. The South board already is sort of a de facto Triangle board in many respects.

          1. Maybe it would help if everyone wrote "Triangle" somewhere in their heading. Then they could see how frequently we post.

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              I like it, will put both city and triangle.

              1. re: ucctgg

                Great idea! I think the format bbqme suggests will help the CH staff get a better feel for what the area covers. It will also be useful for newcomers and visitors. I've been here 3 years and the Rolesville post had me looking at a map!