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Jan 22, 2010 02:55 PM

Recommendations for dinners while at Inn at Spanish Bay

My wife and I will be staying at the Inn at Spanish Bay for 2 nights in the Spring. The resort (including all of the Pebble Beach properties) has lots of options. I am sure there are lots of places to eat within a very short drive of the property.

I am interested in the board's recommendations.

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  1. Roy's is very good, right where you are staying. They have excellent Sushi here and really good Spare Ribs. If you go into Carmel, you will have lots of wonderful options. Casanova, Christopher's on Lincoln, Grasing's, PortaBella and Anton & Michel are a few of our favorites. If you want a fine dining meal with outstanding service and gourmet food, check out Pacific's Edge at the HIghland's Inn, they also have the California Market there, a more casual venue, both places have gorgeous coastal views.

    If you opt to go into Monterey, check out Tarpey's Roadhouse, Sardine Factory, the "c" at the Clement, the Duck Club @ the Plaza and the Red House Cafe in nearby Pacific Grove. I heard that Fresh Cream is now in Carmel, has anyone been there since they re-located from Monterey? :)

    1. While not as upscale as syrahgirl's recs, a real board favorite is Passionfish in Pacific Grove (just north of Pebble Beach). Creative sustainable seafood preps. A huge wine list priced at retail (yes, you pay about the same for wines as at a wine shop).

      I lived in Monterey for 12 years and still visit frequently. I go to Passionfish every trip to the area.

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        I try many recommended restaurants everytime I'm in the Monterey area and am almost aways disappointed when reality doesn't meet expectation. I am not a fish lover but the one restaurant I really like in the area is Passionfish. This is a real must when in the area.

      2. Cafe Rustica in Carmel Valley is excellent. I also like Christopher's in downtown Carmel. Passionfish is also a good rec.

        1. You've got two options in Spanish Bay: Roy's has already been commented on (which I agree with) and Peppoli. Peppoli is owned (I believe this to be the case) by the famed Antinori family of Italy (Tuscany) where they have been making wine forever. Solid if not remarkable Italian fare. But terribly convenient.

          On the really high end is Marinus at the Bernardus Lodge. Its probably a 20 min. drive or see if Spanish Bay will drive you if that's where you want to go. I've been 4-5 times and have never been disappointed but it is expensive. In Carmel Grasings and Cassanova are both solid and reliable. The spinach gnocci at Cassanova is very good - very heavy, though. There is also Aubergine in l Auberge hotel in Carmel. Excellent cooking wine list etc... High end. Our lone experience was excellent except for a painfully slow start with dinner. We told them to pick things up and they did and everything from that point forward was great.

          I've been to Pacific's Edge but it has been a long time so I won't comment on that. But it did have a great wine list and it does have a fabulous view. The Cheese Shop in Carmel is an excellent cheese shop and has a small but interesting and well chosen wine dept.

          1. Thanks for all of the recommendations. I will have a look at them all. It's going to be tough to choose.

            Someone has also recommended the restaurant at the Post Ranch Inn, Sierra Mar. It didn't come up in the above recommendations. Should I not consider it?

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            1. re: Halifax

              The Post Ranch Inn would be an ideal lunch spot after a beautiful coastline drive south, about an hour. I would not consider it for dinner due to the narrow and twisty drive. Plus it would be dark and you would miss the view. Sierra Mar gets *rave* reviews in all areas; food, service and view.

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                Been to Sierra Mar and it was fantastic. I was staying across the street at Ventana. It is a bit of a drive on a beautiful, twisting road. Lunch would be a great idea.