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Jan 22, 2010 01:56 PM

lunch in the Delta and dinner in Memphis

Suggestions for lunch on the road between Jackson, MS and Greenville? I want to introduce some New Yorkers to southern cooking but one is a vegetarian.
Also dinner in Memphis that will satisfy me (love Memphis bbq) but also the vegetarian I am traveling with?

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  1. Stubbs just as you get into Yazoo City is a very good meat and three place (which means almost everything is cooked with pork, as the Good Lord intended, so there will be limited options for your vegetarian friend, unless she or he is wiling to engage in self-deception, which is a good alternative to starvation,). The exception to the pork-included rule would be the pies, which are truly great,
    Another very good place is in the north side of Rolling Fork in a 2d hand store run by the Luke Society, a church group.. Ask anyone for directions.

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      Used to eat Stubbs long time ago...The Chess Pie was a must have!!!

    2. Take a look at Central BBQ for Memphis. Very casual, and good Memphis BBQ, but they also have vegetarian options across their menu.

      1. The vegetarian will cramp your style in Memphis. Soul Fish on Cooper has a great vegetable platter. Veggies are not over done which is not easy to find in the south. They have really good fried catfish too. You can always go around the corner and eat at Central BBQ which really is the best around. There are older more established places but none as good as Central.

        1. Lots of those really yummy pies in the South have crusts that are made with lard. Any way you go - Southern Cuisine is tough for a vegetarian.

          1. Greenwood, MS has several great restaurants. Try The Crystal Grill @ 423 Carrollton Ave., Greenwood, MS. 662 - 453 - 6530.

            Lusco's and Giardinia's are outstanding also.


            722 Carrollton Ave, Greenwood, MS 38930

            Crystal Grill
            423 Carrollton Ave, Greenwood, MS 38930