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Jan 22, 2010 12:01 PM

Tortillas. Traditional / non-traditional uses?

Recently, in a Hispanic market, I picked up a stack of tortillas for $1. I brushed one with butter, covered it with a couple of layers of sliced apple, sprinkled a little sugar on top and a generous dusting of cinnamon. 25-30 min in the oven and voila, an approximation of an apple tart for a non-baker.

What traditional & creative uses do you have for tortillas?

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  1. I assume your reference is to flour tortillas rather than corn. Flour tortillas seem to be more versatile, perhaps because they bring very little of their own flavor profile to the mix of ingredients. I have probably used tortillas,both corn and flour, with a hundred fillings or combinations of fillings of everything from fruits to vegetables and or meats. The corn tortilla doesn't, IMO, go well with fruits but they compliment meats and vegetables rather well. I sometimes spread the flour tortillas with peanut butter and drop in a slice of banana and brown it for a quick lunch treat. Peanut butter works with corn tortillas too but instead of banana I add slices of dill pickle and/or onion.

    1. I like having them warmed and ready on Thanksgiving for an otherwise traditional meal.
      Corn tortillas are my preference for all uses except for mouth watering burritos.
      Also, leftover t-day grub makes for good burrito filler.

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        Flour tortillas make a great base for thin crust pizzas.....a secret used by many commercial restaurants.

      2. Flour tortillas (as you found, and mentioned above) are a good base for baked dishes. I've used them for quiches; it has worked quite well.

        Also, they are one of the best vessels for which to consume any genre of leftovers.

        1. traditional use: to wrap food in

          non traditional use: socks

          1. Copying one of my favorte restaurants in New Mexico, I make Mexican Pizzas with them.

            Place your tortilllas on a baking sheet, spacing them apart.
            Spread the (flour) tortilla with refried beans. Add some ground meat (or cut up) that you've made spicy. Your favorite meat, cooked with onion, garlic chile powder, and salt and pepper. Then add grated cheese(s) melting cheese could be monterey, mexican cheeses, fontiina etc, And put it in the oven until thte cheese melts and the tortilla crisps up. Take them out and your toppings, lettuce, tomatoes, gaucamole,cheese, olives, al little sour cream dotted over all and some grated cotjia. Take a large knife and quarter them for each serving.
            I used to make these as an appetizer, and I don't know why I stopped! My Dad was so cutte, everytime he'd come to visit he'd ask me to make him some Mexican Pizza.

            My kids step mom would make them with butter, cinammon and sugar and bake them the same as you would cinammon toast. Sometimes adding fresh banana or strawberries. ( a little yougurt would be nice too)

            Make sandwich wraps for tuna salad, my four year old loves these.

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              I make something very similar, without the meat. I brush the tortillas with a little bit of enchilada sauce before adding beans and other toppings.

              They come out pretty good baked in the toaster.