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Marrow Bones and Foie Gras - where to buy?

First, I'd like to know what type of bone to ask for from my butcher when I want to grill marrow bones. Also, I've got a place to get grade B foie gras in la crescenta, but where can I find grade A? And how much does it run per pound? I want to get my fix of foie gras recipes in before the ban goes through.

Also - any suggestions on when to use A vs. B grade?

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  1. Foie Gras by the piece is usually sold at the Epicure Imports warehouse sale. I think it's about $60 for the package.

    The next sale is February 12-13 - address: 6900 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood - phone: 818-985-9800

      1. I've been giving marrow bones to my dog for years. Now that they're a gourmet item, they're increasingly hard to find. I used to find them at the grocery store fairly often, but now it's more of a rarity. Ralph's and Food4Less would have them by the steaks. I have better luck if I venture off to the Mexican neighborhoods where I believe they're used as soup bones.

        The ones I buy look like this http://lasvegasfoodadventures.files.w...
        but he eats them raw, not roasted.

        You should do a Yelp search for the Kosher butchers near Pico/Robertson. I can't remember the names, but I often had good luck at them. You can call ahead, find out how many they have and ask them to hold them for you.

        1. Hi folks, Please confine the discussion here to sources for buying foie gras and marrow bones. Digressions about the "ban" and general discussion about foie gras will be deleted. Thanks very much.

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            Ralph's still has marrow bones. If there aren't any out, ask the butcher. I buy them all the time.

          2. Maraconda Meats at the Third and Fairax Farmers' Market has marrow bones. Surfa's sometimes has frozen foie gras lobes; you can also get them on line from D'Artagnan although they are very expensive.

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              The Whole Foods in Redondo off Beryl has them and if they don't they will order them for you. Something like $4.00 a pound. I get them for my dog there. Yeah, I know.... but ...

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                I second Maraconda, I bought fabulous and gigantic marrow bones there a couple of months ago for a pot-au-feu I was making and the marrow was out of this world.

              2. helpful tip for marrow bones: call the butcher at your local bristol farms early in the morning.
                they don't sell the bones from the beef and veal that they butcher down, however they will save them for you.
                they're not specifically marrow bone quality bones, as you'd purchase, but they do yield a decent amount of marrow and you can't argue with the fact that they're free.
                the last time i did this, they gave me seven or eight pounds for free.
                i went at 3 in the afternoon to pick up the ones i had ordered in the morning and the morning butcher had gone home for the day.
                the afternoon guy told me that he had just received a new shipment of beef and if i was willing to wait 20 minutes, he'd butcher everything down and give me the rest of the bones.
                like i said, the quality can vary, but it's totally worth it.

                1. Beef Marrow Bones - Ralph's and Gelson's sell them fresh. Whole Food's has then frozen.

                  VEAL marrow bones are much harder to find; thanks for the Bristol Farms suggestion.

                  1. Cheese Store of Beverly Hills sells some fantastic Foie Gras.

                    1. Bob's Quality Butcher Shop
                      11144 Balboa Blvd.
                      Granada Hills, Ca

                      I saw some maoorw bones there just this last Sunday. You might try Nicole's Gourmet Food in South Pasadena for the foie gras

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                        Jon's Market has had them, but with the whole beef shank meat attached. I have to say I much prefer to just make osso buco and have the marrow as a special treat. Besides at the price they sell the beef shank, it is really an irresistible value at about $2.50/pound!

                        If you really must have only the bones, just remove the meat and you can make a fabulous stew, chili or meaty pasta sauce, whatever. Lately I've been on an Au Poivre sauce kick, so my osso buco either gets slow cooked or pressure cooked and then I'll prepare them Au Poivre. The rich creamy cognac/peppercorn sauce is heavenly with the beef shank and really makes it special dish people are sure to rave about.


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                          also, in los feliz, McCall's Meat and Fish Co. has marrow bones often. Haven't seen Fois Gras, but if you ask Nate I bet he'd get it for you

                          McCall's Meat and Fish
                          2117 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027