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Jan 22, 2010 11:34 AM

Son's 18th Birthday Cake/Pie....need recipes

My son will turn 18 next week. WOW! How time flies.....
He does not like "birthday cake". I am thinking about making him a chocolate chip pie or cake. Any good recipes or suggestions?

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  1. Time does fly - congratulations! My daughter's request for the past several birthdays ( and in between) has been for black bottom banana cream pie....

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      Similar to this is the Tartine Bakery banana cream pie - it

      I have tweaked it to be a chocolate peanut butter banana cream tart too. Very good.

    2. Check out Kentucky chocolate chip pie recipes. Since the original is copyrighted, no one can use its original name, but there are tons of great recipes available. I'll see what I can find.

      HIGHLY recommend the addition of vanilla ice cream, since this is one rich dessert.

      BTW, Happy Birthday!

      1. Here's one I remember as very rich-- the Nestle Toll House Cookie Pie.

        1. What about Oreo Cheesecake?

          FYI - I bake the cheesecake on a rimmed cookie sheet or pizza pan since every time I've made it, it has a tendency to leak.

          1. My son will be 24 on Sunday; time really does fly...and because he's in school in Seattle and I'm in NC, I won't be able to make his favorite which is Dirt Pie...essentially, crushed oreo cookies, cream cheese, whipped cream, vanilla pudding mix, etc. all mixed up and put into a chocolate cookie crust. I'm the only one who makes it for him and it's his absolute favorite. There are recipes for this online

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              Dirt Pie, that's cute. Probably really dumb question but I'm just not sure-is the pudding mix cooked first?

              I have a friend that would l-o-v-e this.

              BTW, I made the oatmeal crepes, really, really good with carmelized bananas, toasted walnuts and whipped cream. Hope you're going to put the recipe in your book.
              I'm going to put some in the freezer for future breakfasts. I think they'd freeze just fine, right?

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                Nope, the pudding is just whipped in with all the other ingredients except the crushed cookies which are folded in at the end. Then more are sprinkled on top. It is so good; my son don't eat a lot of sweets but he'll eat a whole one of these pies. I really wish there was a way I could have sent him this pie for his birthday.

                I have never frozen the crepes but most crepes freeze well if you separate them with wax paper or parchment and wrap really well. Glad you enjoyed them.

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                  OK, I'm sorry, a little thick today, you mean a dry boxed pudding mix, just whipped into the other ingredients, without cooking first?