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Jan 22, 2010 11:31 AM

Searching for the chocolate chip holy grail!

I love baking and cooking and believe it or not don't have a go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe. I tried one last night that turned out awful - bad, flat cookies that spread horrifically in the oven and got crunchy.

My favorites are the type that stay nice and big and are chewy.

Any suggestions???? I like easy recipes, so while Thomas Keller may have a killer recipe, I'm not about to chop up 3 different kinds of chocolate!


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  1. Have you watched Alton Brown's chocolate chip cookie episode that explains why cookies are chewy, crunchy or puffy?

    1. Try this one:

      For the best results, you do need to let the batter sit for at least a day, but I've been known to bake them up right away (just check the cookies earlier). The key is large cookies - they'll stay chewier in the middle that way, even after a couple of days in a container.

      If you can find chocolate feves, use them, but I've used Ghiradelli chocolate chips in a pinch. You don't get the chocolate/cookie layers, but it's still gooey and good. Oh, you can also get away with just using all all-purpose flour, too.

      1. I've made so many recipes looking for a great cookie. My favorite big and chewy ones are:

        They are time consuming, so if I had less time, I'd use the Best Recipe chocolate chip cookie:

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          I also love the NY Times recipe by Jacques Torres. They are a bit chocolate chip heavy for my taste, so I reduce the amout from the original recipe.

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            The second recipe is exactly the one I used and it resulted in the spready bad cookies!!

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              Sorry, I should have looked more closely at that recipe. I didn't want to type out the Best Recipe one and it said it was. The BR recipe uses 2 tbsp more flour and that will make a difference in the spread. I refrigerate the dough. And, there is a technique to shaping the cookies (make a large round, break in half, stack the rounded end of one on the flat end of the other, place them stacked on the cookie sheet) that makes crinkly tops. They're not spready at all when I made them.

          2. I love a chocolate chip cookie with oats in the batter.

            1. Am I an un-Chowish philistine if I admit that my favorite is the good-old Tollhouse recipe, with the only modification that I let the dough sit overnight in the fridge? I think those are the best . . . .


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                Mine is pretty much the Tollhouse one too. Although I love Ghiardelli chocolate chips, and I think the recipe on their bag is very similar. I didn't know about letting the dough sit overnight in the fridge...will try that next time.

                1. re: sunflwrsdh

                  Allowing cookie batter to rest overnite gives the flour a chance to hydrate and will result in a more consistent product. All cookies that are not based on a meringue will improve when allowed to rest for 8 hours but overnite is preferable.

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                  I use the Tollhouse recipe and add butterscotch chips and heath or skor crunch. My husband raved about them so much when he was deployed that his friend thought he'd gone over the dge, until they got home and he tried them for himself!