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Jan 22, 2010 11:14 AM

The Keg - Markham Road

Hello fellow chows!

It's been ages since we've been to the Keg. Not really my choice for a steakhouse, but we have a gift card to use (and appreciate it), how are the steaks, prime rib?

Desserts, pass?

Any comments, suggestions?


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  1. The Keg uses a very nice cut of meat for their steaks. It's hard for them to screw that up. OTOH their sides are half assed at best with things like the Garlic Mashed Potatoes particularily mediocre.
    Overall the chain seems to be fairly consistent quality wise, you are paying for the meat afterall and generally don't have too many problems. Still, scheduling is an issue. Busy Friday and Saturdays can be a problem.
    Not exactly a ringing endorsement but you could do a LOT worse. Just check the board! :)

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    1. re: Dimwit

      Hi Dimwit, thanks for your feedback. We went before seeing your post, a bit underwhelmed with the Top Sirloin steaks, they were chewy and stringy, not a good choice perhaps. I personally prefer rib eye, but thought I'd try something different. We went at 5:15pm, and it was already busy, but we got a good table. I wouldn't personally go back again, just had to use our gift card.

    2. Desserts, the Billy Miner Pie is I think the most popular, and because it's good.

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      1. re: Wiley1

        Order steak 'dinner' off the menu since it's a better value. Comes with salad. For sides, we order twice baked potatoe - if you can handle the salt. A little salty but better than the usual mashed or baked potatoe.

        1. re: caitlink

          Hi Caitlink - we did order the "dinner, " agree It is a better value after we did the math. Caesar salad was a bit drenched in dressing (should have asked for less), veggies/mushrooms were quite salty, I had the sweet potato fries, very good.

          Thanks for your reply!

        2. re: Wiley1

          Hi Wiley1, the Billy Miner pie was very good, my husband had it. The oreo cookie crust tasted super fresh. You know how some graham cracker and cookie crusts have more shortening or butter and they're baked too long, or they end up soggy? This wasn't the case. The slice was huge, here's a picture!

          The cheesecake was not so great, for sure because it was the creamy version whereas we prefer NY style.

          Pics are a bit blurry ....

        3. I used to go to this location fairly often. I know the Keg gets a lot of hate here but they do have some good dishes. I always seem to have good luck with the prime rib or the NY Strips. When I've had the sirloin in the past it has been tough. Sorry for not giving the heads up on that. I used to get the Keg Classic Dinner as well because I liked their Caesar salad and the side of mushrooms.

          I find I cook better steaks at home so I am always hesitant to order steaks at a restaurant. I find the The Keg is usually pretty consistent. Not top end but decent if you choose the right thing.

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          1. re: Dr Butcher

            Hi Dr. Butcher, wish I had seen your post earlier, the sirloin was a really bad choice, it resembled a baseball. I usually like rib eye when I cook them at home. I always have a hard time with restaurants getting the steak the way I like it, so I never eat out, prefer to grill them myself, and we don't even have a BBQ, just a grill pan. The sirloin I had was more medium rare than medium, quite bloody. Ruins the meal when one is eating and the other is waiting and all they do is slap the meat back on the grill.

            I highly doubt I'll return. Although I don't mind to pay for good food, $25 is pricey for a steak from the Keg, imo (sorry, that would be the price for the Keg dinner), but still not worth the price, again, just my opinion.