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Jan 22, 2010 11:07 AM

ISO Marmite

I tried a search but all I get are threads about a restaurant with Marmite in the name. I need to know where I can buy a jar of the stuff please.

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  1. Try Hogg Hardware (514-934-4644 - temporarily relocated to Sherbrooke corner Vendome during renovations) or Bramble House (514-630-6363). Both have selections of UK imported foods.

    I think I might have also seen some in the imported-foods section of the Loblaws in NDG, but I might have imagined it. Maybe someone else can confirm.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      They sell it at that store in Marché Atwater which specializes in imported stuff.

      Also I once found it in the baking section (?) of PA on Du Fort.

      Mmmmmmm - Marmite. Ever tried it on toast with a soft boiled egg or two on the side?


    2. Fairmount Butcher's on St Laurent sells it (!), although they'd run out when I went in last week. The owner ordered it on the spot for me, so it should be in anytime soon. I've also seen it at La Vielle Europe.
      Can't live without it!

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        I believe I've seen it at La Vieille Europe on St-Laurent as well. You can also find it at Fouvrac, (1451 avenue Laurier Est).

      2. you can buy at a store called EMY on Victoria Ave north of Van Horne it is $11 for the big jar..I use it all the time and this is the best price i have found..Atwater is about $3 more I think..enjoy!

        1. Most of the South Asian grocery stores stock Marmite in different size jars at reasonable prices. Singh Farms and Marche Victoria on Boul. des Sources in the West Island definitely have them, I get mine from Singh Farms the large jar (500 g.) at 16.99.

          Most of the groceries on Victoria in CDN and in the Jean Talon- L'acadie area should also stock it.

          1. We moved some posts about the general qualities of Marmite to the General Topics board here:


            Replies about where to get Marmite in Quebec are still on-topic for this thread here on the Quebec board.

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              Thank you again all! I'll get some this weekend if I have time.

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                Easy to find. Have bought it at Loblaw's, IGA, Provigo and Metro stores.