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Jan 22, 2010 11:01 AM

Anyone going to Anthony Bourdain show in Providence, RI tomorrow (Sat 1/23)?

My sister and I are going to Cav first and then the show. Should be fun. Curious if anyone I "know" from CH will be going?

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  1. I'm going, I can't wait :)

    1. Cheereeo,
      He is funny as hell I saw him when he was at the University last year He did a presentation to the Students and Chefs at J&W. He goofs on certain restaurants espically steak houses which I agree totally. you will laughs like hell

      1. That is good to hear. I heard he will take Q&As, so I'm trying to think of something to perhaps ask him... that is if I'm brave enough. Seriously, I am wondering if he will ever guest judge on Top Chef again--I loved it when he was on.

        1. Hi Cheereeo,

          How was Bourdain He shold be doing a segment in Capri Italy soon I ran into him last summer there he is priceless but tells it like it is. Hope you liked it.

          1. What a fun evening! He was thoroughly engaging and tremendously funny and just wonderfully entertaining thru it all. I wonder if Crazy Jane the drunk stalker tried to break in to the meet and greet?!

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            1. re: gyppielou

              I am glad you liked him I know you would I wondered if Cheereeo liked him. He usually goofs on steak restaurants people calling themselves Chefs When he was at the university he said he can train a kid to flip steaks in a few min.

              ps: is there a stalker on here

              1. re: Frank Terranova

                Oh, Frank. . . he actually didn't mention steakhouses, but I agree 100%.
                He WAS ragging on Sandra Lee a lot. I call her personally "ms. saggy low boobs" and what is up with all her cocktails? Anyway, he told us to go onto Youtube and look up Sandra Lee Kwanzaa and made some analogy to the somewhat infamous 2 girls 1 cup video which I don't recommend you look at unless you are home on your personal computer and know a way to clear it out of your cookies after you watch it--you may get arrested.

                As for Food Network, he likes Ina Garten, Alton Brown and he thinks Bobby Flay can cook and feels sorry for him. He said he wouldn't make fun of Rachel Ray because she sent him a fruit basket.

                1. re: cheereeo

                  Its interesting about Sara Lee, I knew the Coporate chef for the company not that I like the stuff and my friend who lives in Chicago owns her own P/R company is the niece of Sara Lee thats not her real last name. never the less I keep well away from all these food related functions Emeril is a total hoot. I worked a function with Rachel Ray she was very nice but time changed and maybe she is a Biach. anyway keep well :)

                  1. re: Frank Terranova

                    Frank, I'm assuming you meant Sandra Lee??? Not Sara Lee?