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Jan 22, 2010 10:45 AM

Restaurant Week in Ridgewood

$20 bucks for a 3 course dinner, now that's a great deal! 33% lower than the $30 deal going on at Montclair. Only catch is no Sundays. I have my eyes on Blend and Mediterraneo. Nice. I heard that downtown Ridgewood is suffering terribly during this crisis, so hopefully this will help, I think it's a super price!

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  1. Went to LaTour Thursday night. $36.95 4 course tasting menu. Not just restaurant week. Outstanding French food. Small portions, but dessert was normal size. Great quality. They have this all the time. Cute place.

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      The Resaurant Week price is supposed to be $20. What you had was their regular menu, not what this thread was about. $20 for a 3 course meal these days is a really good deal, was my point.