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Going to Din Tai Fung tomorrow, what should I order?

Okay, I did a search but nothing really with recommendations. I've been there once and had their dumplings which we will order and someone said their shrimp fried rice is great so will try that.

My coworker said to for sure get their red bean steamed buns for dessert. Anything else special to this place that we should try?

Thanks in advance

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    1. re: TomSwift

      agreed on the chicken soup. and the chao nian gao (stir fried rice cake) is good as well.

      everything else?? meh.....

      1. re: wilafur

        Yes, agree on the chicken soup. It's about the only thing worth getting at DTF.

        Everything else on the menu is not only "meh" (as wilafur says), but overpriced.

        But be warned about the chicken soup ... it's not the typical chicken soup you'll find at most American restaurants. It's more herbal --some would say bordering on medicinal -- than anything resembling "chicken-y".

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Agree with Tom, Wilafur and ipsedixit about DTF's chicken soup. It is the best that I have tasted in a very, very long time. Reminds me of my grandma's home cooked chicken soup using free range chicken raised by herself.

    2. One of everything on the right side of the menu!

      1. dumplings, dumplings and more dumplings

        1. I think the noodle dishes are better than the dumplings..which I know is the draw. I also loved the fried rice. Make sure you save room and go, running next door to Phoenix Food Boutique. Try the sweets...esp. the mango coconut rolls!!

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          1. re: Kitchen Queen

            We like the pork XLB. Also their stirfried lo mein type noodles were very good, especially with some chilli sauce.

          2. If you are able to arrive early enough, order their soup dumplings; they often run out quickly, so place your order as soon as you arrive.

            I agree that their fried rice is delicious, and their red bean dessert dumplings are wonderful.
            I also like their red hot sauce and their vinegar, both on the table. I have been known - once or twelve times to use an extra tea cup to make a mixture of hot sauce, vinegar, soy sauce and ginger for dipping!

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            1. re: liu

              YOU MUST ORDER

              an order Juicy Pork Dumplings for each person -- sooooo good you might want more!
              Sesame Noodles to share as they are they are absolute heaven
              Vegetables -- it may seem like overkill with noodles and dumplings but they do such a good job and your momma likes it when you eat your greens!

              1. re: rswenson

                HUGE 2nd this suggestion. I am partial to the green beans myself.

                The shrimp fried rice is also very good and, unlike most of the rest of the food, is still just as good the next day if you have leftovers

            2. Shrimp fried rice is a must order along with the juicy pork dumplings.
              The vegetables of the day are also a big hit - go with brocoli and string beans if they have them tomorrow.

              1. Don't listen to these people! Repeat after me: 1 "appetizer" (get there early); 2 orders of "juicy pork dumplings"; 1 order of "fish dumplings" (if people can't handle pork - otherwise, go for another order of juicy pork d.) ;1 order of "Shanghai rice cake"; 1 order of "seasonal vegetables" (you usually get a choice of broccoli, green beans, bok choi, and spinach - spinach, is good to add to your rice cake, and it makes you feel virtuous - otherwise, go for another order of juicy pork dumplings). Mix a small bowl of ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, and chile oil to your liking - and enjoy.

                Remember, you're there to maximize your juicy pork dumpling experience - fried rice and chicken soup, you can get elsewhere.

                "soup dumplings" are only served on the weekends, sell out immediately, and aren't all that worth it, imo.

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                1. re: Selter Head

                  I appreciate these tips, too. I've been to DTF once and thought the food was nicely prepared but rather bland (though I did like the XLB). My recommendation would be the black sesame dumplings for dessert. They're like a Chinese version of poppy seed hamantaschen.

                2. Lemme help rehash some of what's already been said ...

                  - XLB are often referred to as "soup dumplings" in english (though I don't think so on their menu) due to the soupy juice contained in the dumpling. This is the classic DTF dish, and is what you've had and there is no danger of these running out.
                  - There is a special form of these only served on weekends for about the first hour, where you get what appear to be tiny XLB and an actual bowl of broth for dipping them in. This is what you can only get if you arrive super early and order quickly. They're interesting if you can get them, but if you miss out it's not a big deal.
                  - Besides the dumplings, get the stir fried rice cake. It's great.
                  - The fried rice is interesting, very eggy and soft and rich, almost like a light risotto. Great if you like the eggy flavor.
                  - Yep, as the above poster says, get a steamed vegetable. Green beans are great. Spinach too if you like it.

                  That should be enough to keep you all totally full...

                  1. Pork Chop Fried Rice or Shrimp Fried Rice

                    1. Thanks everybody. Did not make it to DTF that day! Ended up going to Don Dae Gam in K-town. But putting these recs in my phone for this weekend.

                      I like Rswenson's recommendation to order one XLB (thanks QualityMart for rehash!) for each person! It does go too fast with each person only getting like two dumplings, just not enough, for me at least.

                      Shrimp fried rice seems like a safe bet at a lot of places, would like to see how it tastes there.

                      Is the chicken soup like the Korean samgyetang? (chicken stuffed with ginseng, rice, dates and other stuff).

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                      1. re: ladius

                        I've gone there a few times now and have my usuals all figured out. Stir-fry rice cakes with shrimp and wonton soup every time, and alternate between the shao-mai and the Ja Jiang Mien (I think they call it noodles with ground pork in English). I was born in Beijing, so it's nice to have food that's more northern-style. My boyfriend, who is white, thinks the food is pretty bland, except for the crab XLB. I guess he just can't taste the Asian crack they put in their food.

                      2. Shanghai Rice Cake with Chicken
                        Green Beans
                        Rice Bun with Pork
                        40 Juicy Pork Soup Dumplings!
                        Sesame Bun
                        Appetizer (2)
                        Pork Fried Rice

                        Did it yesterday. 5 people. Always good, IMO.