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Jan 22, 2010 10:38 AM

Good "traditional-feeling" Japanese restaurants where a couple of gaijin won't embarrass themselves too badly?

My two colleagues and I are in Tokyo for a conference next week and are looking for good places to have dinner. We'd love to try some great Japanese food in a traditional setting, but we're not very sophisticated about Japanese dining traditions so we're a little worried we could get in over our heads if we try to go "too" authentic. (We can't read Japanese, for instance, so we could get lost in a menu, for instance.) But we'd like to try something that's not so Western if we can; we'd love to get a great traditional experience.

Any recommendations? We're on expense account, which is helpful. I'd be grateful for the guidance!

We're in downtown Tokyo but should be easy to get anywhere in downtown area.

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    1. re: Uncle Yabai

      If you want to have a general experience on Japanese food, and in Ginza, the lunch will be affordable at :
      - Zakuro location is before Matsuya Department Store and they serve beef “shabushabu” or base soy base steacks.
      - En location is a on your right after Matsuya Department Store and they serve nice lunch classic set for 1000yens like fried mackerel on a sweet sauce
      If you want a particular experience, making your story an advanture… The best plan in Ginza will be Michiba. Menus are available in English too and staff is very very nice and accomodating. Price for a season menu at lunch will be at 4,300.-yens.

    2. Expense account you say? I know a few of us on the board would be happy to show you a place or two in exchange for a free meal! haha

      That said, don't worry too much about getting in over your head. Where are you staying? Your hotel concierge could make reservations for you and even order a course menu in advance at many places.