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Jan 22, 2010 10:11 AM

Cooking Classes in Vancouver

I am thinking about giving a friend of mine a one day cooking class as a birthday gift - kind of like a Cookshop offering. I will be taking the class with her.
Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. I know people who have taken courses from Northwest: and rave about it. Not cheap, but supposedly worth it.

    There are a few others that are geared more for the casual the new Dirty Apron

    There were some interesting ones that were scheduled at the Victoria Dr location of South China Seas (including some regional Thai courses). Unfortunately they had to postpone them after a car crashed into the store and destroyed it. They do plan to reschedule once they find a space.

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      like fmed said there was some serious love shown on another board a few years back about the the serious foodie course @ the northwest, do a search on the western canada branch of egullet

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        The NWCAV Serious Foodie course is awesome... but it's an 8-week series.

        If looking for 1-day classes, in additon to Cookshop and Dirty Apron which have already been mentioned...

        Edible BC has some different options including 1) Cooking with Best of BC - cooking demonstrations by local chefs and 3-course meal with wine at a communal table, 2) Chef for a Day - going with a local chef to the markets, then hands-on preparation of food with that chef, then 3-course meal with wine (I think)

        Quince also offers 1-day courses with different themes

        I thought I saw Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks offering some 1-day cooking events... not sure if they're hands-on or demonstration though:

    2. There are some good ones here too. While I haven't been, a few of my friends have gone enjoyed it. They took the Indian food class.

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        Sorry, I just re-read your post. You said like a "cookshop" ignore my previous post!

      2. I just saw this as I was looking at Lumiere. I think it's a great deal and I would love to do this!

        1. I was given an evening cooking class at Dirty Apron Cooking School (owned by the Chambar restaurant people) last November.

          It was a leisurely 4 course dinner in which you had the opportunity to recreate each course at your personal cooking work station. They had a formal dining room in which you moved into into to enjoy each course with a wine pairing provided by the chef. The kitchen and dining room were modern and new with exposed brick and a modern loft aesthetic, The demonstrations were informative and roving chefs were helpful with tips while you were cooking. Overall it was a very enjoyable evening.

          The cooking classes are about $130/person (about double the cookshop type demo classes) but well worth the money considering the quality of the meal and ingredients, the length of time, and the caliber of the wines provided. Highly recommend it.

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              Maybe too late for moltmonster but these offerings at Cookworks on Broadway look pretty fun: