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Jan 22, 2010 10:05 AM

Corktown loses Pete's Cajun Pizza on Parliment

The little hole-in-the-wall pizza and wing joint at the corner of Parliament and Queen has closed. Landlord's notice dated 14 January in the window. Fantastic wings and strangely good pizza will be missed. Serbs making Cajun Pizza - crazy. They expanded a few months ago and took over the old Mr Tasty (Mr Testy) on the corner. A Profile of Excellence (complete with roman-coin-like portrait of Pete). Both places are now locked and closed.

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  1. I actually got a flyer menu in my mailbox when he opened Peter's Corner at the old Mr Tasty spot and I'm near Coxwell and Danforth. The delivery area map went as far as Woodbine/O'Connor in the east and St Clair/Bathurst in the west.

    Seemed a bit of a stretch to deliver from Parliament & Queen when Pizzaiolo at Kingston/Dundas refuses to deliver because I'm just -- just -- north of the Danforth.

    Well, I guess I'll toss the flyer now. Not that I was going to order anything, I'm just a compulsive saver of these things.

    1. I would have posted the Peter's Cajun/Peter's Corner Profile of Excellence (or Profile of Mullet as I liked to call it). However, I noticed them inside one night this week obviously negotiating. We shall see what happens next. Not that I particularly liked either establishment. I'd just hate for the entire corner to go dark.

      Peter's Cajun has been there for years. Peter's Corner just months. Lesson learned boys and girls. Never cross-collateralize your businesses.

      Peter's Cajun Creole Pizza
      415 Parliament Street, Toronto, ON M5A2Z4, CA

      1. I sure hope they don't close for good... their pizza is great and I always loved the wings served in doughnut boxes. This was the first place I discovered after moving to Toronto almost 4 years ago. It'd be a shame to see it go.

        Seems like there's been a lot of closures this year already. It's too bad to see some places go.

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          Two "Restaurant for Lease" signs have gone up on Peter's Corner. No such thing on Peter's Cajun.

          Anybody wanna open what the nabe really needs? That's a clean and swift greasy spoon serving nothing but sandwiches with their sides.

        2. It looks like Pete' may be back. I noticed the sign at a place on Parliament, just north of Gerrard. The sign was on the building and the door was open, like someone was working inside. It's at 415 Parliament. I think the place used to be a shwarma shop. It's the one with the metal rolling security gate on the window.

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          1. re: TOveggie

            I saw the sign on Parliament today. It's where the Ali Baba falafel place used to be. I knocked on the door and talked to Peter, who was inside getting some stuff organized. He said he had a really hard time finding a new place, but that he's opening up next week. The layout is different, but everything should be the same as it was at the old place. I, for one, am glad he's back.

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              So I guess the "Peter's Place" on Broadview near Danforth isn't this Peter. One rumour squashed.

              Does anyone know whether this new location is a pizza place or something else?

            2. The original comment has been removed