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Jan 22, 2010 09:52 AM

RIP Richtree Brookfield Place (But now where do I grab food after finishing a book at 1AM?)

While Richtree is not on any epicures list of go to places, it is conveniently located downstairs, has a wide variety of food that you can take out, is open from 7AM to 2AM and has free wifi.

Any new suggestions for takeout after hours in the financial district?

On strong rotation in our office:
Take Sushi (really gone down hill)
Houston steak
Irish Embassy
Szechuan Szechuan
Pearl delivery

Food Court after hours:
Longos -open till 7pm
Subway, Jugo juice- open till 9 at Union Stn

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  1. What has been your experience with Take Sushi going downhill? I haven't been in awhile, but it's always been one of my faves, so I'm curious.

    1. so that entire huge richtree is gone in BCE place?

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      1. Ninki Japanese restaurant in Scotia Plaza is open till 9pm. I ate there in the evening and saw a few people picking up take-out orders.

        Mercatto on Bay street is open till 9pm too, not sure if they do takeout.

        1. Mio in Scotia Plaza is open for dinner and quite delicious.

          1. Looks like the Richtree will not close completely... I was just speaking with some of the the staff and the entire staff had been terminated with one days notice (ick). So I thought that the place was closing down.

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            1. re: alibaba

              Yeah, rumour has it that Brookfield Place owners let the lease lapse and Richtree was none the wiser when they offered it to Marché. Hard to believe this serious omission by Richtree and can't confirm the rumour. Regardless, Richtree lost this prime flagship location but their other location are still standing.

              Personally, I'm happy Marché is back at that location. Richtree was not the same.

              1. re: alibaba

                Not sure who you spoke to, but the staff at Richtree was given 8 weeks notice of the closing.

                1. re: bloggo

                  In an article in the Toronto Star:

                  A Richtree employee, who didn't want to be named, said all the employees at the Yonge and Wellington location, estimated at 200 people, were given layoff notices or fired in the days before the closure.

                  She said that employees had been aware of the closure, although there had been no public announcement. She said it was unclear whether Mövenpick Marché would rehire staff who lost their jobs at Richtree.


                  1. re: sasgirl

                    I am one of the laid-off employees. We were notified verbally of the "Temporary" layoff Nov. 30, 2009 (in writing a few days later) & the last day of business was Jan. 24, 2010. Richtree has until Sept. 2010 to "recall" employees.
                    Rumours of new locations in the downtown core were rampant this month, but they got scooped by Movenpick big time. There's not another location like Brookfield place.