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Jan 22, 2010 09:51 AM

Smoking sausages

New to blogs/forums hope this is in the right place...
Does anyone know if it is possible to smoke sausages which were made with colagen casing as opposed to the natural intestine casings?

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  1. You can purchase colagen casings already smoked so I don't see any reason why you couldn't smoke sausage that are already stuffed into colagen casings.
    Personally, I think I might try par boiling the sausages and removing the casings before smoking the sausage meat.

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      and make sure the casings are dry or the smoke wont penetrate

    2. Not a problem. Smoke away. As howlin says, make sure the surface is dry, but you need to do that with natural casings as well. I have used collagen and natural, and there is not that much difference between the two when it comes to eating. I do think natural has a bit more snap and I like being old school, but collagen is much more convenient.

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        thanks for the advice. i too would prefer natural casings for the 'snap' but where i'm from butchers would rather pull out their own intestines and sell them to you then sell you some natural casings for sausages.