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Jan 22, 2010 09:08 AM

Anyone been to this place Chat, An American Grill ??

Trying to find something about this place??....Nothing came up on the boards?? There website only a few spots worked, and the menu looked a bit pricy??

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      1. mmehh, tried it once, not a big fan of chat 19 either, decent food , pricey. can't really recommend any better places in the area, but they are out there, it was extremely average . there is free parking, that was probably the best feature, totally forgettable in my mind, the white onion soup merely meant the onions were not caramelized (wtf) broth with onions

        1. in one word " terrible"
          dont waste your money

          1. I've been there twice for lunch, and have enjoyed both times. Had the jambalaya which was very good. Nice portion. Good variety of seafood which was very fresh, chicken and sausage. My friends enjoyed the smoked turkey sandwich, grilled tuna sandwich and very nice entree salad. When one friend had to go back to work, the first question was "did she leave any fries. They are so good!"

            It certainly gives those of us in Scarsdale a nice place for lunch in town. I understand in the evenings, there's quite a singles crowd, but with two children under 10, I don't get to experience that!

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              food is really not that bad, in my opinion. Its nice to have a new place to eat in Southern Westchester, so I will continue to support it as long as the food is good and the service is nice...