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Jan 22, 2010 08:22 AM

Not very good

We hadn't been to Ernesto's for quite a while, but needed a place close to the Kimmel Center.
Unfortunately, my reasons for not returning were reinforced.

I would love to like this place. It is convenient, service is pleasant, they always get you out on time for the concert - if only the food were good!

My "Cesare" salad was a bunch of cut-up romaine with shaved cheese on top. They should have used a jar of bottled Caesar salad dressing to give it some flavor; there was no flavor (no dressing?) at all.

My veal scallopine was completely bland, also no flavor at all. I did my best with salt and pepper. I can't understand it - doesn't the chef have a sense of taste?
The polenta accompanying it was dry and hard as a board.

In all fairness, my husband enjoyed his dinner. He liked his salad, and said the cioppino was very good.

In the past, I had the same complaint. Food that wouldn't make you sick, but has absolutely no taste.

Those of you who follow my posts know that I rarely write a negative review. Of course, we try to go to recommend restaurants and usually end up enjoying them.
Oh, well - can't win them all!

Ernesto's 1521 Café
1521 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

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  1. I recently had a similar experience at Ernesto's. My minestrone soup was absolutely devoid of flavor and the crabcake was bland. My husband did like his large serving of salmon with pesto (loves anything with pesto. We both adore the zuppa inglese - the best anywhere. If only everything else lived up to it!