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Jan 22, 2010 08:15 AM

BYOB close to Boystown

Headed to Chicago next week. Looking for a great BYOB close to Boystown (or train accessible)

We are a small group, and have a vegetarian in our party. We aren't looking for anything too expensive. Thai, Italian, etc. We are open!

It does not have to be a BYOB, but a solid choice for a dinner in Chicago.

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  1. TAC Quick is one of the city's best Thai restaurants, is in Lakeview, and is BYOB - exactly what you're looking for. It's at 3930 N. Sheridan Rd. at the Sheridan stop on the CTA Red Line; you may be able to walk there, depending on where in Lakeview you're coming from.

    1. TAC under the Sheridan Red Line - Thai

      1. TAC is good, but if you want to be in the heart of Boystown, not the best bet. HB is a great dinner spot that is always BYO, right in the midst of it all.

        Adesso, while usually full and BYO, would not be my top pick. I have been and been let down. Italian spot on Broadway.

        Joy's may not be the best Thai, but it is BYO and also full of Boystown folks most nights.

        Jitlada, while less well-known, is on the Halsted strip, too, and BYO and better Thai, if you ask me, than Joy's.

        Stop by Kafka in Boystown for great wine finds!

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