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New Jersey is getting its own CH board [moved from Mid-Atlantic board]


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  1. I second that yipee! I love reading the boards, but always look for the New Jersey restaurants.

      1. Well deserved and looking forward to it! -mJ

          1. That's great..it is about time!

            1. Such good news and I look forward to "meeting" NJ CH's in one place; on ONE active Board that I did not have the pleasure of reading trying to jockey back and forth btwn 2 boards. Thanks CH Team & Jacq.

              1. Good news, I have been posting in the N.Y tri state and just found this board

                1. Any idea when?! This is great news!

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                  1. re: Gwendolen

                    I believe the Community Mgr for CH stated Jan 28th.

                    1. re: rockhopper

                      Exactly, that’s also my concern. The restaurant forum on NJ dot com is completely dominated by North Jersey posters who consider anything south of Edison to be either the Shore or the Pine Barrens. I think this discourages a lot of Central and South Jersey residents from posting. I guess I’d like to see a North Jersey/Shore board and a Central/South Jersey grouped with the Philadelphia board. The whole Cherry Hill area is more attached to Philadelphia than North Jersey.

                      1. re: TomDel

                        Baby steps is a start! ;-)

                        I think Jersey on it's own is better than what we have now. I know I have seen thread titles and clicked them, only to find out is was somplace in Delaware.

                        Moving South Jersey into a Philly board is an option, but I like the idea of just NJ.

                        I think the board on NJ.com is pretty worthless, but it's been a while since i have visited. Might have to stop in and check it out. -mJ

                    2. Yes - good news - moving between Tristate and Mid-Atlantic was a pain...