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Jan 22, 2010 07:59 AM

Dinner Recommendations for frequent Vegas Visitor

I will be in Las Vegas for two nights and I am looking for recommendations for a good restaurant for dinner (possible tasting menu). Money is not an issue. I have been to Las Vegas on numerous occasions and I have been to the following;

I have been milling over whether to go to Restaurant Charlie, but the reviews seem to be mixed.

Any recommendation would be helpful,

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  1. The Bar Charlie side of Restaurant Charlie is superb! Sadly, it's only open Friday and Saturday nights.

    If you liked Alex, Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon are two other possibilities. Both are French, I prefer both to the admittedly excellent Alex, and both are a lot more expensive than Alex.

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    1. re: Larry

      If money is no issue I second Joel Robuchon at the Mansion or Guy Savoy.

      Both a cut above anything else in LV

    2. Just had dinner at Rest Charlie with 2 other folks for the first time, loved it.

      We all had the degustation (3 hours), including a vegetarian in our mix. The vegetarian dishes that came out were amazing, prompting the 2 of us who were carnivores to covet the veggie dishes. Best vegetarian high end dining we've found here.

      Had dinner with the same 2 people at Mansion Robuchon a month ago or so, we all remarked that if we had been blindfolded, we'd pick the Rest Charlie dinner. The experience of the degustation at Mansion was phenominal, the bread, cheese and dessert carts alone were to die for, but the food was just a bit better at Rest Charlie.

      Baloud's place in Wynn was great, but I personally have refused to go back after Mr Wynn's political comments, it may be my loss and has strained my principles each time I recall the dinner! I'm sure I'll actually cave as my political loftiness gives way to my culinary urges.

      NINE steakhouse is good at Palms, as is Alize. I'd skip the restaurant at the new Palms building, forget the name. Looks great online, esp with the "green wall" of herbs, but it just fell flat.

      Have never been to Alex, it may have to be the next stop...

      Glad Vegas is soon getting its own discussion board on here...

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      1. re: flightsurg

        Wow! So Charlie does good veggie meals? I guess I'll have to stop by soon and taste for myself.

        And you didn't like Simon at Palms Place? Really? I had Sunday Brunch there last month and everything was PHENOMENAL! The beignets alone are worth the trip IMHO. :-)

        And btw, for me Steve Wynn's occasional foot-in-mouth teabagger comments are canceled out by Wynncore being all union and VERY pro-LGBTQ equality. (Wynn is the second Nevada company to get a perfect 100% HRC score after Harrah's.) And besides, Elaine Wynn is still on the board and she's a big Obama supporter. Just a little inside info to make you feel less guilty about visiting Wynncore. ;-)

      2. By the way, if you've been to Rosemary's, you may be willing to venture out to where the worker bees live instead of the middle of the "hive" (the strip just reminds me of a buzzing beehive...)

        Vintner Grill and Marche Bacchus in Summerlin are fantastic.

        And if you can possibly manage, Hash House a Go Go is one of the best places in the country for breakfast/brunch. Off the strip, but almost worth a cab ride!

        1. What about Alex at the Wynn? Had a fantastic dinner! The place earned its 2 stars!