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Jan 22, 2010 07:36 AM

Super Bowl Viewing Spots - Newhall/Santa Clarita?

My mom's cousin is here from Norway and it is the first time he will be here for Super Bowl and he is very excited. My mom has a small 13-inch TV and I was thinking we should go somewhere else to watch the Super Bowl (somewhere we could actually see it!).
Are there any places in Newhall or the Santa Clarita Valley where you can view the Super Bowl but that has couches (or very comfortable chairs) along with good food. Please lead me in the right direction! Thank you and GO VIKINGS!!

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  1. Wow...that's sort of a tough one. Salt Creek Grille has booths in their bar area and has pretty good food. It has multiple smaller screens, not one huge screen. I'll keep thinking and post if I come up with another one. We've got a lot of chains in these hills. Salt Creek is at the Valencia Town Center.

    1. Not hard- Go over to Oggi's Pizza. It's a sports bar and I know they'll have the game basting... Oggi's Pizza and Brewery 18810 Soledad Cyn. Road Canyon Country
      (661) 252-7883 Pizza isn't bad if you like pizza. Oh, couches??...I don't think so.

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        Respectfully, there are a lot of places in Santa Clarita that will be showing the game, but they aren't restuarants I would recommend on Chowhound. I was not impressed with the two times I ate at Oggi's. I think Vincenzos has much better pizza and will probably be showing the game, but it is in no way comfortable.

        Maybe I ordered wrong. What would you recommed? It is a convenient restuarant if you want to catch a quick bite before the movie.

      2. How about Cammarano's? They have a ton of TVS, comfy leather booths and more upscale food than your average bar and wings