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Jan 22, 2010 07:34 AM

Late night dining in Cambridge

I was driving around Cambridge last night around midnight, and all I could find serving food at that hour was Moody's in Central Square, where I got a tasty kafta kabob sandwich. (I had given up at that point and was heading towards the Franklin Cafe when I saw their "open til 3am" sign in the window.) Where else can one get food after midnight in Cambridge?

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  1. Until just before one, at Hungry Mother you can get a limited "Late Night" menu that includes house made sausage, spicy pimento cheese sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, and a catfish po boy. All of their desserts are available as well.

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    1. Doesn't Craigie on Main serve its bar menu until 1?

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        Their website says only until midnight (but the bar itself is open until 1).

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          That's true of a number of places: the bar stay open til 1, but they stop serving food at midnight or earlier.

      2. Moody's (better known as Falafel House) and Hi-Fi Pizza (meh) are the two primary spots in Central Sq.

        In Harvard Sq there's:
        - Hong Kong (NOOOO)
        - Felipe's Taqueria (open till 2, almost identical to Anna's and decent)
        - Charlie's Kitchen (don't know when the kitchen closes, but late)
        - IHOP (vomiting noise, but in some states of mind it's tolerable)

        Near MIT on Mass Ave. there's Cinderella's Pizza (open till 2 on weekends) which isn't bad.

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          I think that the new Falafel Corner (next to Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square, where the old Greek Corner II used to be) is better than the falafel of Central Square. They are open to 3 AM every night except Sunday (when they close at midnight). Unlike some late night restaurants, they are even acceptable not late at night!

          There is also the Market in Harvard Square at the corner of Church and Brattle, which is much more than a convenience store, and La Verde's market in the MIT Student Center, which is an uncommonly well stocked convenience store.

          Felipe's is a good choice as well --- not quite as good meat as Anna's (and no lengua) but they have an outstanding condiment bar, with interesting pickled onions and miniature Mexican limes (excellent in their lemonade as well).

          The Hong Kong in Harvard Square is not so bad. I don't want to spend too much of Chow-cred defending it, but if you search this board you'll find suggestions for specific menu items (from me and others) that are actually more than decent.

          The White Hen Pantry in Porter Square has a deli counter, and I believe it is open 24-hours a day, and there's always the 24-hour Shaw's in Porter Square.

          Lastly, there is also the Quincy House Grille, accessible from Plympton St. It's a student run snack-bar, and keeps irregular hours (i.e. not open every day, but when it is open it stays open very late). It's easily the best of the several Harvard student run late-night snack-bars, with particularly terrific milkshakes, curly fries, and scallion pancakes. Here's the menu:

        2. Also in Harvard Square, Pinocchio's is open until 1 during the week and 2 on weekends I think, and the falafel place next to Charlie's Kitchen is open until 3.

          Cambridge Common serves until 12 midweek, Thurs-Sat until 1 I believe.

          1. The Friendly Toast in Kendall is open until midnight Tues-Thurs and until 1 AM on Fridays (10PM on Mondays)!