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Jan 22, 2010 06:56 AM

OMG - New California Sandwiches location coming to Richmond Hill

I pretty much freaked out in my car the other day when I saw a sign that said that a new California Sandwiches location was opening up in Richmond Hill *swoon*

It's going to be on Yonge, north of Elgin Mills beside one of my other favs, MI-NE Sushi. The space used to be owned by an Italian hot table place that was okay but really couldn't compete.

I think Cali Sandwiches will do well there...a bit of an odd space but a good area to be in...

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  1. The area is a good choice

    They will do very well in RH

    If only they could clone the Claremont experience

    Why does it always taste better there?

    Has anyone else noticed something missing at the other locations?


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    1. re: toronto guy

      Yes. Very much so.

      One thing that I've found that makes a big difference is order extra sauce if you go to one of the other places. Still not Cleremont good but a big improvement.


      1. re: toronto guy

        Have DEFINITELY noticed a difference, most notably between Claremont and the one in Woodbridge (Hwy 7 and Weston). The Claremont one is so much better, and they actually seem like they are from two completely different establishments (bread seemed different, sauce different).