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Jan 22, 2010 06:54 AM

Need Bar Rec- Greenwich Village/ USQ area

A friend of my parents' will be in town in a few weeks and wants to grab a drink Friday at 5:30. All of us meeting like a classic and well made bourbon cocktail. Looking for a reasonable place that knows how to mix a drink to grab a few. Somewhere that can make drinks like Death & Co but without the crowd/ pretentious atmosphere. Can be a restaurant's bar if comfy.

She's staying around University and 12th St so something in the GV/USQ vicinity is best.

I don't like The Dove, I think it's claustrophobic.
Was thinking of Rose Bar, but $20 drinks is a bit much.
Gotham Bar and Grill?
Bar at Little Washington Hotel?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I love the bar at Eleven Madison Park.

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      And Gramercy Tavern is ALWAYS a great place for a drink or Cratbar which mixes one of my favorite Manhattans in Manhattan.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Keep them coming. So far, I'm thinking Gramercy might be a good bet. Close to where this woman is staying, comfortable seating, without the college bar vibe.

          But... Rye House looks like my kind of place with all those bourbons and rye! What is the vibe there? Their website is lacking.