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Jan 22, 2010 06:52 AM

VEGAS! Bachelor party dinner

Hey guys,

I have a typical request, and I did do some searching before posting, but wanted to repost this for suggestions.

Facts: 13 guys (from NYC mostly), Bachelor party, next Saturday night, goal is a nice group dinner. Price point - we've been to the best NYC has to offer and that usually runs $150ish a person with average drinking. somewhere around there would be great.

Cuisine type: preferably steak, but open to other options as well - Italian or seafood perhaps.

we'll be, well, 13 guys in Vegas for a weekend of debauchery, so a formal dining setting is not what we're looking for. but great food is.

Fleur de Lys was suggested in some posts (but might be a little too formal) as well as various steakhouses: Charlie Palmer, Craftsteak being two that seemed to be frequent mentions.

Anyone been to Austin's? it topped this list, for what thats worth:,NV/Re...

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Your group sounds like a good fit for N9NE at the Palms, which seems to have been designed with evenings like that in mind.

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      Thanks - will look into that one!

    2. You may want to look into Kerry Simon's restuarant at the Palms Place. This is the newest tower at the Palms. They have a bachelor party package for $135 per person. This includes admission to the Ghostbar, Rain, Moon nightclubs and the Playboy Club.

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        Attempted to follow thi link...know its old but wasnt sure if there was a place that did something similiar. IE dinner and addmission to one of the clubs

      2. I was at Fleur de Lys a couple weeks ago. It's DEFINITELY not a bachelor party environment. It was very quiet, with mostly couples. I'd call it romantic, if I had to pick a singular adjective to describe it.

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          thanks - yeah it seems as much. Charlie Palmer seems to be a favorite as far as quality, with CUT being another one.

          I am intrigued by the Palms special linked to above as well, given that it includes admission to a club.

          1. re: metfan630

            The Palms as a whole does a good job of handling the kind of party (literally) that you are bringing. Should you choose to contact N9NE, you can ask for club admission as well (tell them you would like to at least match the Simon added bonuses), and for a group your size they are likely to oblige. Charlie Palmer and CUT have excellent food but not the same ambience, and not the eye candy of the Palms on a Saturday night.

            1. re: QAW

              QAW beat me by a day! Had the identical post all tee'd up in my head.

              N9NE steakhouse is for you! They should be able to comp you into the clubs, especially (as said by QAW) if you point out that Simon would do it. (Above all, avoid Simon. Only reason to go there is to overlook the pool, which wouldn't do this time of year). Your group is the kind of group they want: Many guys who are willing to spend money. They know that while you are there, you'll spend the cash. Only thing that would be better is if you were 13 girls who would pull in around 50 guys (all willing to spend money). When you call, push your luck and ask for some sort of VIP service and then be willing to "back down" if needed and "settle" for just comp'd, NO WAIT entry to the clubs. Again, emphasize the fact that you are
              looking for a great time (="we're here to spend") and you should have no problem.

              Ask for Helen (hostess Manager) or JD at the bar, always has an unbelievable story. Odds of a celebrity encounter: High, esp sports figures. Odds of many, many attractive women at dinner and at the clubs: Very high.

              For what it's worth, I think Rain has the best club around, amazing space and sound, great women in tiny dresses. Moon has a great view, but as cold as it is, will be lame for the purposes of partying it up. Should go for the view, though; just expect a TON of tourists of all ages.

              My 2 cents.

        2. When I saw this I immediately thought "Smith and Wollensky's"....

          1. TRIP REPORT -

            First, thanks to everyone who took time to give suggestions. After much deliberation, it came down to Charlie Palmer and N9NE. We went with the former, with the reason being that our weekend was going to be full of casinos/bars/parties after bars/etc, so rather than remain in the same atmosphere at N9NE, we would try up a change of pace.

            We arrived to the Four Seasons to see that the main room of Charlie Palmer was packed, and were seated at a table for 13 in the other, more formal and quiet, section of the restaurant. It was setting that worked out great, as it allowed everyone to enjoy a more calming and serene environment.

            The steak was, in short, exceptional. I got the Rib-Eye myself, with most people getting that, the filet, or the surf and turf. Everything I tried was excellent, and rivaled any steak I have had, period.

            We went somewhat light on the appetizers, getting some calamari for the table, as well as some excellent stuffed peppers (prosciutto and cheese) and some mussels. All were excellent.

            Also, the bread basket contained some of the tastiest cornbread I have ever had. Yum.

            Sides were excellent - potato's au gratin, brussel sprouts w/ panchetta, french fries, sautéed spinach.

            I wasnt crazy about the wine list, in that the number of bottles in the $30-70 range was very small. So we largely did beers/wine/scotch a la carte, which worked out well.

            All in all, the meal was a perfect early evening activity (ate from about 7 - 9 pm). I would highly recommend Charlie Palmer to anyone.