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Jan 22, 2010 06:45 AM

Has anyone been to Watermark Irish Pub?

Has anyone been to Watermark Irish Pub lately?

A friend of mine wants to plan a group event there, with an expected 50 or so people to attend. Wondering how the food/service is at Watermark and if my Chow friends would recommend it.

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  1. Is that the one down at Queen's Quay in the Terminal building? If so I was there this past summer meeting friends for drinks. It was a good thing it was only for drinks because the kitchen was incredibly backed up and the hostess prior to seating us told us right away that we wouldn't get food for at least an hour if that was what we were looking for. For drinks it was fine, just your typical bar (like a Firkin). The service was friendly and efficient.

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      Hi - work near there and have eaten there a few times - food is terrible, just usual bad bar food. nice place for drinks in the summer though.

      1. re: pippineast

        Anyone else have any experience w/ the place? I'm close by, but haven't tried it yet. You'd think w/ a prime location like that they'd step up their game kitchen-wise, but I guess they think all tourists are rubes, and the office workers and locals won't care what the food tastes like after 3-4 drinks.

        1. re: GoodGravy

          I work upstairs so it's the office local.
          Food is mediocre at best and service is slooooooooooooooooooow.
          Which is fine if it's the summer and you've got a nice spot on the patio, but I can't imagine a group of 50 in the winter would enjoy it much.

          1. re: corra

            Has anyone eaten here lately? Is the food (or more specifically, fish + chips or wings) at the level of a Firkin? Just looking for a quick bite (mediocre, meh and/or half-decent is good enough) at Queens Quay before a Harbourfront concert, and not sure I'm in the mood for Pearl.
            Thanks for any comments.

            1. re: prima

              Not super lately but had some food and a drink on the patio last summer. I had won a gift card from some contest and even with that in mind I found it pretty mediocre. If you have low expectations it is definitely in a convenient location and there are definitely slim pickings in the direct area.

                1. re: prima

                  Have you been to the Amsterdam brew pub that relocated to the harbourfront last summer? It's a couple blocks west of Queens Quay Terminal and was quite tasty (and quite busy) when I went last summer.

                  1. re: corra

                    I haven't been there yet. Thanks for the rec. The menu looks interesting.

    2. I have been a couple of times over the past year due to proximity to work. Food is average at best. Drinks are... drinks. I wouldnt make a special trip unless you are close by as there are lots of superior pubs in the city with much better food.