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Jan 22, 2010 06:01 AM

Brasserie Pascal - input please for Dad's b-day dinner...


I am thinking of taking my Dad to Brasserie Pascal in Newport Beach (Fashion Island) for his birthday.

Specifically, I want to take him here for the cassoulet. We went to France two years ago and the cassoulet we ate in Carcassone was the highligt (food wise) of the trip.

Can you please provide me with feedback regarding the restaurant, and if possible, the cassoulet in particular?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Jeff,

    Overall, you can most likely be assured of a wonderfully fine dining experience and Birthday dinner for your Dad at Brasserie Pascal. The location and venue are gorgeous. The menu itself is invitingly varied, reflective of classic brasserie tradition. When I first visited last year, they were still newly opened and both the service and food were a slight bit uneven, particularly in comparison to Traditions, Pascal’s flagship restaurant. Having dined there many times through the years, the bar of my expectations was set quite high.

    I clearly recall my Cassoulet as being virtually faultless, a truly superior rendition, as good or better than the special order version at Black Sheep Bistro. Thick and rich, redolent with flavors that permeated the dish. The beans were perfectly cooked, not at all stiff or mushy. The French Onion Soup, however, was a tad too salty and my entrée arrived before I finished it. Perhaps they sensed my ambivalence. During my second visit, I found the Quenelle Nantua, a delightfully light fish dumpling served with a crawfish gravy, to be exceptional, perhaps even better than the fabulous version I enjoyed at Le Saint Amour, my first. Service was spot-on this time, much later in the year. BP has my trust and should earn yours.

    1. Jeff,

      I have been to this restaurant several times and have always had an amazing experience. Each one of their dishes are executed perfectly. Our favorite items there are the Seabass... which melts in your mouth and the Duck I have not yet tried their Cassoulet but am confident it is also very good. I would say BP is one of the top French restaurants in OC.

      1. It is a decent version of cassoulet, a bit soupier than I prefer but quite tasty. The place is very attractive, the service attentive and the other food is mostly good to very good bistro fare at reasonable prices.