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Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

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My husband is running the Austin Marathon next month, and in what has become a pre-race tradition, I am looking for the best chocolate chip cookies in Austin.


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  1. My personal favorite is the Vegan Big John at Whole Foods downtown. They're as big as Frisbees and you can buy them in boxes of 4 for $3.99. And delicious to boot.

    1. Upper Crust Bakery's Black Gold cookie is the best cookie I've ever had. It's chocolate chocolate chunk with walnuts.

      San Francisco Bakery also has really good chocolate chunk cookies.

      1. The chocolate chip cookies at the Double Tree on 15th Street are amazing.

        1. I love love love chocolate chip cookies.

          Texas French Bread has good ones. If you're not a purist, consider the Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies at Upper Crust. The texture is wonderfully chewy and the chocolate chunks are dark and rich. There are pecans in those, too.

          1. i like the chocolate chunk ones from Central Market's south location. they are great, large and 99 cents each though they also are sold in a smaller size in a package of 6

            1. I whole heartedly agree w/ bookgrrl72 and I am a chocolate chip cookie expert. Don't let the vegan part fool/scare you, they are fabulous!

              1. Okay, Bouldin Creek Coffee House on 1st and Elizabeth has these ginormous chocolate chip cookies that are to die for - they are vegan and GF though! You would never guess! They are so wonderful (and cheap too for the size)

                1. While admittedly pedestrian, I love me some Tiff's Treats.

                  1. I used to really like the chocolate chip cookies that were sold at Waterloo on 35th Street. They must've been baked in a round pan because they were thick and had an edge on them. These are of the chewy variety.