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Jan 22, 2010 05:33 AM

Carb Load before the Marathon

My husband is running the Austin Marathon next month. I was looking for suggestions for good Italian the night before the race.


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  1. Vespaio gets lots of love on this board

    1. I think Cannoli Joe's would be a carb loader's dream. All you can eat Italian buffet. The quality is decent, better than Olive Garden, though not nearly as good as Vespaio and Andiamo.


        Mandola's Estate restaurant is good for Italian.
        Sorta a drive depending on where you live in Austin, but a good experience... to me better than most of the Austin places (all though I do enjoy Vespaio, parking isn't always easy down there).

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          You didn't say whether this is your husband's first marathon or not. Carb-loading in the form of all you can eat pasta is not the recipe for a personal record. He should eat the same type of pre-race meal as he has done while in training before his weekly long runs. I once wrecked what would have been a great Napa Valley marathon by eating too much spaghetti the night before.