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Jan 22, 2010 05:26 AM

North End - where to keep it simple?

I'm looking for a good restaurant in the North End for dinner on a Friday night. Party of 4 - 2 from out of town, and at least one who gets easily overwhelmed by menus.

Where would you go for a good, moderately-priced meal of classic Italian dishes on a Friday evening? We're not big drinkers, so wine list is not a priority. Good homemade pasta is a must, and some vegetarian options would be nice.

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  1. I would suggest any one of the following. Antico Forno or L'Osteria on Salem St. I think LaSumma might also fill the bill too.

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      Antico forno and L'osteria are good choices and Artu might also fit the bill.

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        We actually wound up at LaSumma after someone recommended it to my wife. It was perfect. I'll have to keep the others in mind for future North End visits.

      2. Went to Panza last week and our group of four really enjoyed the meal. Moderately priced including bottles of wine in the low twenties. Not sure if the pasta is homemade.

        1. I think you'd like Vinoteca di Monica. The space is attractive, It's moderately-priced, has plenty of vegetarian options, and they make all their own fresh pasta.