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Jan 22, 2010 05:03 AM

Ottawa Chow-ers, Please Help

My husband and I will be in Ottawa in May for the Ottawa Race Weekend. We are staying downtown close to Parliament Hill. We would like some suggestions for a good place to carb up on the Friday night before our Saturday race and also a decent pub for relaxing in after the race Saturday evening. Sunday we had hoped to take in something akin to casual fine dining, whatever that means to you. My friend who lives there recommended Atelier but I dislike molecular gastronomy on principle and don't care for one-bite-wonder meals so I don't think that's what we're looking for. We would preder a place that serves local fare in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with a minimum of pretension and no mains above $30. What do you recommend?

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  1. Try preston street in the heart of Ottawas little Italy, its lined with many top notch unpretencious places and great pubs for chilling out (try pub Italia, the abbey or even the prescott tavern) a few blocks away is our chinatown (with again too many good places to list) for phoe and other fine dishes. All of this is a walkable distance from DT or a very short bus ride ( get a bike from rent-a-bike beside the Chateau)
    have a good race!

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      Thanks! We are staying at the Hotel Indigo. How close is that? Without me actually having to look on a map! Teehee!

    2. Definitely Wellington Gastropub. Delicious and completely unpretentious in a genuine unaffected way. Interesting wine and beer list too-in fact it puts many places in Toronto to shame, the markups are not stupidly high. Menu changes daily-but don't skip out on the ice cream. I look forward to my trips to Ottawa every time just to eat there.

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        I think this is the place my nephew worked in while attending U of O. I will definitely check it out.