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Jan 22, 2010 03:44 AM

Mother's Birthday Dinner in Tamarac, Sunrise or Coral Springs

I'll be visiting my mother in Tamarac next month. She just turned 86, and I'd like to take her out someplace nice in the area. Since she doesn't drink, say some place that would be maybe in the $40-50 a head range without alcohol. I think she'd most prefer Italian, steak or seafood, but the menu at Fogarty's looks interesting--anybody know it?

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  1. Wow, nothing really comes to mind. Never been to Fogarty's so really can't comment. But, if you want a great lunch and the weather is nice, check out La Fontana. They have the best pizza and some really nice pastas and entrees. It's definitely more of a casual place, not suitable for a nice dinner. Take out or out door seating only.

    1. Check out the menu at Blue Moon Fish Co. in Coral Springs. That might work well for you. The link is for the other Blue Moon (they are now owned by two different entities) but the menu for the one in Coral Springs is very similar.

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        There is also a restaurant in Sunrise called Rio Vista that might also work. It's in the 44th street shopping center just west of University Drive. It has about zero ambiance (one room with a mirrored wall) and for the most part their clientele is within your mom's age bracket which is why I generally won't go there unless I"m with my elderly relatives. However, the menu is quite extensive and varied and the food is actually pretty good. It's family owned and operated and the prices are very reasonable. They don't serve alcohol there other than wine. In all the years they've been in business (probably around 20+) I've never had a bad meal there.

      2. Never been to Fogarty's but I haven't heard anything great from those who have been there.

        For Italian, I would opt for Tavolino Della Nonna on Sample in Coral Springs. They have a great little private room called grandma's kitchen that you can try to book ahead of time. They sometimes have evening entertainment (roaving magician the one night i was there). Although they have the classics, I enjoy the more modern spins on old classics there. Given the party age and price point, this is probably the place I would choose.

        For seafood in the area, Blue Moon in Coral Springs is the best.

        Runyans is the expensive steakhouse like Mortons but I don't particularly care for that kind of restaurant.