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Jan 22, 2010 03:22 AM

Food Network Back On Cablevision in CT

As of last night Food Network is back on Cablevision networks.

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  1. I really hate when these companies take away tv stations. I'm not the biggest food network fan, there are one or two shows I watch, but I do have a right to watch them! Glad it's back for you in CT.

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      1. re: anonymouse1935

        Money? Well, yeah!
        I remember when FN was free, back in the 90's, through the cable wire.

    1. It is all about money, sadly enough. Networks have to renegotiate their cost for allowing cablevision to view their shows, and when they disagree, we pay the price. Just when you thought politics was only in washington....

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      1. re: nyctfoodie

        it's business. not politics. business is about money.

      2. Thanks, I just checked, back in New York as well.

        1. Back on in Westchester, finally. I was actually looking into Direct TV

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          1. re: GIOny

            Yes, I'm glad it's back but i think irreparable damage has been done. In the three weeks since the blackout we, and I'll bet many others, have found other channels that were pretty diverting as well.

            1. re: lucyis

              ... and/or abandoned Cablevision. I'd considered doing so--not just because of FN, though that added an impetus--and out of curiosity I tried to reach their "disconnect department" a few days after FN went dark. There was a 45 minute wait for a rep.

              1. re: lucyis

                check out the create channel. you need some serious caffeine to stay awake, but they cook much better stuff than over at the food network.
                i also found out you can feed dogs raw chicken with the bones and it's good for them. who knew.

                1. re: LW1

                  Yes, LW1, it's called the raw diet. You can look it up - note, though, that it is a lot of work.

                  On C/V, I switched to FIOs after C/V took away 10 of my channels, and am glad I did so.

                  I very rarely watch the F/N, since I don't like 'challenges'. I like the Travel Channel's Adam Richman and other of their food shows.

                  1. re: anonymouse1935

                    I also switched right to FIOS right after the FN debacle. I'm saving a ton of money for the first year compared to CV and the picture quality is much better than with CV. The installation was really complicated because I have an old house, and took an entire day and evening, and there was some small glitches setting up voice mail. Got great support from Verizon and the installation guys were great. Overall, very pleased.

              2. re: GIOny

                You still should look into Directv. I have it 5 years now, and it's just sooooo much better than Cablevision! Cheaper, too.

                1. re: menton1

                  Sadly, no other cable source than C/V in my hood, and my landlord won't let me put a dish on the back, no less, of the building; not cosmetic, he just can't be bothered to sign the consent.
                  I have discovered Create in all this madness, so good came from it.