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Jan 21, 2010 09:45 PM

How Would You Enjoy a Whole Jamon Iberico?

What can I say? It was half price. Now I have a whole, bone-in jamon Iberico, still vacuum packed after a week while I work out a strategy for maximizing the utility of this precious comestible.

Should I remove all, most, or just the immediately necessary external fat? (By external I mean the slightly moldy/rancid layer of fat?

If there's any excess "sweet" fat, is there something I can use it for, other than eating it straight?

At what point do I have to empty my fridge and stick the ham in it? Or can I saw off the lower leg at the knee? (Of course, I intend to keep it, preferably cutting the bony part into smaller pieces to use in fabada or other stews.)

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  1. the mold is completely harmless. remove it with a clean damp cloth. do not remove the fat as it protects the ham. DO NOT store your precious jamón in the fridge. DO NOT saw off any bone bits. hang the whole leg by the rope in a cool place. slice the shank last. always cover the sliced area with cling film.

    i eat the fat as is. so tender it melts in your mouth. enjoy your delicacy (i hope it's ibérico de bellota).

    1. Q - "How would you enjoy a whole Jamon Iberico?"

      A - One delicious slice at a time!

      (I couldn't resist)

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