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Jan 21, 2010 07:27 PM

OMG WTF - $10 Pizzas @ Papa Johns NOW!

I wonder where they got that idea *rolls eyes* (We don't have to mention the place; I think its OBVIOUS) And this thread IS NOT ABOUT THAT PLACE....

And how convenient; right before Super Bowl weekend.

So who is taking advantage of this from PJ's? Or who has and how was it? ...Honestly, I am dying to know.

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  1. I found this offer today while ordering online from my neighborhood Papa John's.
    I ordered a large thin-crust, half veggie, half meat for delivery. I have ordered from this place before but this one was a stunner !

    The pizza arrived after an hour and was cold. Not warm but cold.
    We had to send it back, but paid for it anyway.
    The manager was pretty rude when he was made aware of it.
    I think this $ 10 deal is not appreciated by their workers. Maybe this branch was sending us a get what you pay for you cheapskates !!
    Message received, loud and clear Papa