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Catering Recommendations for Dallas

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I'm traveling to Dallas in March and hosting a small family event for about 30 people. I was checking the boards for a caterer and wanted to see if there are any new options. Checking out Food Company and Two Sisters right now but would like other recommendations. Also open to BBQ and less formal options. Just want really good food and have been burned by bad catering before. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Cafe San Miguel does a nice job of catering mostly interior mexican food at a very reasonable price. They'll do the set up if you need, you may need to find servers though if you need them. That's not too hard to find around here.

    Check it out, the restaurant gets good reviews here and elsewhere.


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      1. Just got word that Go Fish Ocean Club has closed and Top Chef contestant Tiffany Derry is doing catering. Worth seeking out... celebrated my birthday at Go Fish last July and everything about the food was kickbutt.

        Go Fish
        5301 Alpha Rd, Dallas, TX 75240

        Go Fish Ocean Club
        5301 Alpha Road Ste 80, Dallas, TX 75240

        1. Andrew Ormsby Catering on Ross is amazing. For BBQ I recommend Pecan Lodge.

          1. My office holiday party has used Blue Mesa catering for several years. They always do an excellent job. It is a small regional chain of upscale, "gourmet" southwestern cuisine.

            We have always done one of the more traditional "seasonal menus". This year it was a variation on their Holiday Celebration Buffet. I don't have experience with their more "small bite" catering menus (though it's all great at the restaurant). They also provide dish service. http://www.bluemesagrill.com/catering

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              I love Andrew Ormsby Catering on Ross.

              Does anyone have a sushi catering suggestion?