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Jan 21, 2010 06:42 PM

O Ya versus Uni

Do you prefer O Ya or Uni, if you had to choose? I am trying to decide between the two for my husband's birthday, but have not been to either. He wants really good, close to authentic, or an improvement on authentic, sashimi. He hates the funky fusion kind of sushi where they throw in things like mango and strange sauces into massive rolls. We usually go to Fugakyu or Oishii, but I wanted to try something different and more special. Which do you prefer? Thank you!

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  1. If you want authentic, I would not go to either. O Ya, in particular, is absolutely delicious and totally upscale, but it is by no means "traditional" sushi. I would say to try going to Samurai, basically across the street at the Prudential center. It's got fantastic fish, and romantic atmosphere on a slower night.

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      O Ya and Uni both do a version of authentic izakaya-style japanese food (sure, with a little bit of fusion threaded through, though tastefully—no weird badly contrived "mango sauces"...). They are both fantastic, but O Ya is my favorite place to eat in the city right now, period.

    2. I really like both, but, if you can afford it, O Ya is clearly better. I think it's the best restaurant in Boston right now.

      1. I agree with the other posters. O-Ya is the best of the two. Although O-Ya does some unusual sushi everything I have had there has been absolutely delicious. If you are a strict traditionalist when it comes to sushi and sashimi they will gladly do all of your favorites and due to the high quality ingredients it will all be delicious. I usually order an Omakase and just letter the wait person know how much I want to spend per person. If you see things on the menu that especially appeal to you they will include them in the Omakase offerings. O-Ya is a true dining experience and not at all like most Japanese restaurants in the USA. I wouldn't say it is an Izakaya style place because it is much too upscale. There are many places in Japan that like it but very few here in the USA that come close to what I have experienced over there. O-Ya is one of them.

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          how much would you have to specify (for omakase at o ya) to get enough for a regular meal (food only, no drinks)? $50? $75? $100 p.p.?

        2. Well each time I have gone there I specified about $100 to $125 per person and we had more than enough to satisfy everyone. I am sure you can do it for less but certainly not much less. O-Ya is very expensive but I feel they really deliver too so it is worth the price.

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            Thanks everyone for your suggestions. RoyRon, your suggestion for ordering an Omakase sold me, we're going next Friday. I like the idea of being able to ask for more traditional sashimi but also try their own interpretations. Thanks again, I appreciate everyone's input!