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Jan 21, 2010 05:25 PM


Suggestions on this rainy night?
am Near Hollywood and LaBrea

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  1. It's a little more than walking distance to India's Oven (now called, I gather, India's CLAY Oven) on Beverly, and the two or three places on Melrose right around La Brea.

    1. Hollywood is full of "just ok" indian. Here are two off the beaten path suggestions for you.

      1) Curry Palace - 7617 W Sunset Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90046
      (323) 876-2799

      Next door to the Coach & Horses bar, it's hit & miss, and the service is not great. But when people love it, they LOVE it.

      2) My personal favorite, Bombay Grill.
      7306 West Santa Monica Blvd, in the Trader Joes mini mall @ Willoughby. Strictly take out, it's more than reasonably priced, and made from scratch by the woman who owns the place. Wonderful to support a small local business & the food is wonderful.

      India's Oven, as mentioned, is also very good. My 2 suggestions are well, more earthy, than IO. Mine are great food, shite atmosphere...

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        What do you get at Bombay Grill? I recently picked up and was slightly disappointed. I was really looking forward to trying it out. We had the Chicken Tiki Masala, Lamb Curry and Saag Paneer. I requested garlic Naan, but just got regular. The best thing was the riata (sp?) that I ordered in the side and the lentil soup that came on the side. I found all the dishes overly sweet and not the usual Indian spicy-ness.

      2. If you want Indian in Hollywood there is only one GREAT place. Paru's on Sunset. It's a little intimidating on the outside - metal bars in the windows and you need to hit a buzzer to be let in - but once inside you find the best South Indian (all vegetarian) menu in LA proper (Artesia excluded). Don't let the veg menu turn you off. I am as carnivorous as they come but will happily consume any of the various thalis offered on the menu.

        The dosa aren't amazing but they're pretty good. It's more about the dal mixed with their uppuma. And those lentil doughnuts whose name I can never remember. I had been looking for good South Indian for a while and as soon as I took a bite here I was gastro-teleported back to Kerala - at least for a brief moment.

        And for pete's sake - make sure you eat with your fingers. It's the only way to properly mix everything up.

        5140 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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        1. re: mrgreenbeenz

          Agree Paru's is a delightful place, and the service is friendly and helpful. They have two combination plates that, if you order both, allow you to taste virtually their whole menu.

          Another excellent place in Hollywood is Crown of India on Santa Monica, just east of Highland. From the samosas to the masalas and vindaloos, everthing I've had here has been tasty, and spicy if you ask for it. But their best dish is the calamari... give it a try.