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Jan 21, 2010 05:18 PM

Need restaurant rec for Gramercy / Murry Hill area!!

Thanks so much for all the replies with my last post, had an amazing meal at Txikito last Friday because of you guys!!! :)

So tomorrow i am having dinner with another couple, so there will be four of us and need a good dinner rec in the Murry Hill to Irving area.... any cuisine is fine, just looking for good atmosphere!



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  1. It's Murray Hill!!
    There are quite a few threads posted on the hill of Murray, take a look.
    We tend to stay with the less fancy places in Murray Hill but we just tried Rossini's (fancy old style Italian) for the first time and loved it.
    Fagiolini's and Sam's place also have good Italian and are less expensive/fancy.
    El Rio Grande Mexican
    Hane Sushi
    Duke's BBQ, Burgers, Sports bar atmosphere
    Oyster Bar @ Grand Central
    Sarge's and 2nd Ave Deli for a nice pastrami sammich
    Ali Baba Turkish on 34th
    Ethos Greek
    El Parador Mexican but a little fancy on 34th off 2nd (close to Murray Hill)
    That's just a few of our favorites

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      1. Highly recommend Resto or maybe Artisinal.

        Resto's atmosphere is very farm-to-table style, sort of bare bones but cozy. Artisinal has a French bistro atmosphere and is louder and typically more crowded.

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          Yeah, smoke beat me to it but I'm always going to recommend Artisanal for the MH area.

        2. Good recommendations for the neighborhood so far. For atmosphere I love Cosette.

          1. Giorgios of Grammercy or Olana would be great