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Jan 21, 2010 03:54 PM

Chicken Bouillabaisse - Best Recipe

This dish was tres trendee a few years ago and is still wonderful.

My favorite recipe is from Eric Ripart.

Anybody else have favorites? I mean there are probabaly not loads of very different recipes for this dish.

I haven't tried COTM Patricia Wells recipe from Chez Tante Pauletter, but will do so before the month is out.

I'll be glad to paraphrase Ripart's recipe.for anyone interested

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  1. Yes, please do....I would love Eric Ripart's Chicken Boulliabaisse recipe and any more of his you care to share! Have you made his Carribbean/Cayman Island curried shrimp in broth served with tropical white rice? Saw it on on the Today show a few weeks back...finally found the Madras curry.

    A Taste of The Cayman Islands:
    Shrimp made with garlic, shallots, ginger, and madras curry. Served over tropical rice. See video below;

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        Emme posted a link to the chicken bouillabaisse above..

        I also love his cod with pea shoots. You can find it by searching online. There's a video on YouTube. It's delicious.

        PS: Thanks Emme for the link.

        PPS: todao: you should try the link to see his recipe.

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          Thanks for the link Emme & oakjoan! Yeah, it's definitely a fricasse of sorts.

          I've develped my own version, based on my mothers decades old far everyone loves it. My Fricasse de Pollo recipe includes dry white wine, capers, olives, allspice, cloves,cumin, garlic, carrots, celery, red pepper, oregano, etc....truly one of the best!! Let me know if you're interested.

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            amoncada: Thanks for the offer. I'm definitely interested

      2. Inasmuch as "bouillabaisse" is a fish stew prepared of several kinds of fish and shellfish I assume you mean a chicken stew using a bouillabaisse style rouille.

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          From the article ...

          WHAT kind of bouillabaisse did you say? Chicken?

          ''It's really a Proven├žal fricassee,'' Eric Ripert said. ''We didn't call it a bouillabaisse in Provence, but except for the chicken and the chicken stock, it uses the same ingredients as a bouillabaisse, so you know exactly what it is.''

        2. I've only tried the one from Zuni and its my favorite non-roasted chicken. Amazing and simple.