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Jan 21, 2010 03:34 PM

Going to Jasmine Bistro Next Week... what should I try?

I think the title is pretty self explanatory. I realize it's not authentic hungarian, but I'm willing to try those dishes over the French ones (unless you recommend I have to go with a French dish). Thank you all!

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  1. I don't know about authentic, but I think the Hungarian dishes are really delicious. Veal gulyas and chicken paprikas are two good places to start. The Egri Bikavér "Bull's Blood" is a lovely Hungarian red, like a budget Bordeaux.

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      Unfortunately the owner no longer has a wine list, but rather has one type of cab, one merlot, etc, and he decants them before bringing them to the table (you never see the bottle). He will suggest what he feels is the best wine he has based on your order. He told us that he now buys his wine at auctions so that he gets a good price, and passes the savings onto his customers. I will say the wine we had was delicious and went well with our meals, but I was looking forward to a bottle of the "Bull's Blood", as we had it both there, and at the long lost Cafe Budapest, and enjoyed it

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        I'm sorry to hear about this change to wine service. I'd be happier with it if there were a little more transparency. Besides, those Hungarian wines retail pretty cheap: you can still get a respectable Bull's Blood for $8-15/bottle. I wonder if he'd be more forthcoming on his wines' provenance if pressed.

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          Maybe he would. He told us the name of the wine, and it was very good and reasonably priced, but I prefer a more standard wine list. The good part of the decanting was that we wanted a bit more at the end of the meal, but not a full decanter, so he gave us just half, and we paid about $35 per bottle x 2 1/2 bottles.

    2. I would prefer a more traditional wine list as well and I was looking forward to the Bull's Blood! I guess if I want to try that I'll just have to visit a local wine shop.