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Jan 21, 2010 03:34 PM

Route 15 - am I driving right past some great chow-worthy places?

My family and I tend to drive from outside of Boston to New York on a fairly frequent basis and we have found that Route 15 and the associated parkways make for a wonderful drive.

Typically we save our appetites for NYC, but frequently I wonder if we might just be driving past some great places to stop and have a bite.

So, what do you say? Keep driving and hold out for NYC, or pull off and try the fare at....

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. TheWilbur Cross Merritt and the Hutch (hardly think of it as Route 15) form one of the nicest drives in New England and sure beat the hurly burly of 95. But Robert Moses carved a limited access inland "byway" that bypasses the commerce of the coastal interstate and the Post Road. So 95 is lots more Chow Worthy.

      Your instincts seem right. A pleasant drive and save the calories for the City.

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        grab a box of donuts in Wallingford to enjoy while you head for NY

      2. Louis Lunch in New Haven, near Yale, is an historic place with great burgers, made in 100-year old cookers. They claim to have invented the burger, but that's another discussion. Worth taking 95 for. Quite unusual and memorable.

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        1. There's always "New Haven" pizza (which can be accessed from the Merritt...not only in New Haven but also now in Fairfield for Pepe's Pizza)... If you've never tried a white clam pizza, I'd vote for a stop.

          1. Since the Merritt (rte 15) is a scenic byway, you typically won't find anything right next to the exit ramps. You'll have to drive several miles away before you hit restaurants and businesses. However, there are two decent options -Barcelona Wine & Tapas Bar in the 1940's style HiHo motel in Fairfield - right off exit 44. Or the town of New Canaan is within a mile or so off the Merritt with some chowhound recommended places.