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Jan 21, 2010 03:27 PM

Help! Need a really good bakery in the valley for a cake on Sunday!!!

I'm in Sherman Oaks so I'm looking for something not too far away (I have a good bakery in Beverly Hills and the West side but I didn't want to go that far on a Sunday).

I need a really good, high quality cake for a fellow foodie and I wanted to pick it up Sunday afternoon to be sure it's really really fresh (and I have no where to store it, so I wanted to get it right before the party).

After checking other bakery posts, Leda's Bakeshop on Woodman seems to be gone and Helen's decorated cakes doesn't answer their phone. Any tips? Any and all advice is appreciated. She wanted a chocolate cake with real butter cream frosting. Thank you!!!

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  1. Try Porto's in Burbank. Most people don't realize / forget about the Burbank branch...

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      Porto's is quite good. Couple of friends buy cakes there and I've, enjoyed them. I'd call to check availbility, price, whether you need to special-order,etc.

      Located on the "close" side of Burbank, Magnolia and Hollywood Way, SE corner. Parking lot in back; if you're lucky you might find a space.

    2. Have you checked out the bakeshop inside Gelson's?

        1. re: Bob Brooks

          My $ is on Bea's Bakery in Tarzana, you won't be disappointed. I'm not sure if they're open on Sunday, give them a call:

          18450 Clark Street
          Tarzana, CA 91356-3504
          (818) 344-0100