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Jan 21, 2010 03:17 PM

Where to eat at or near the Greenbrier Resort in WSS, WV?

Going here for a 3 day winter get-away. Have not heard a lot of great things about the restaurants at the hotel. Can anyone give me some advice re : restaurant on the property or nearby. Thanks in advance for any help. (I am posting this on the DC board as the mid-atlantic board is almost all devoted to NJ.)

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  1. Greenbrier is a luxury resort in the middle of a lower socioeconomic area, so if it's fine dining you want, I'd stay on the grounds. Haven't been there since I was a kid, but I remember it being a beautiful place. If you really want alternatives, there's probably a Denny's close by, maybe if you're lucky an Applebee's...

    1. I am sorry I am late in this response:

      Prime 44 West at the Greenbrier is very good, their table side caesar salad is great, as is the salmon and veal chop. Right now their vegetable side is a variety of root vegetables that are wonderful, still crisp, but tender.

      I enjoy the main dining room, as well. The duck is cooked nicely and a little different from the normal Greenbrier fare. And get the ham and brie at Drapers. Right now until Spring the other sit-in dining option is the Tavern Casino, but you can get light snacks at the Gourmet shop. Also their packed lunches are great to take hiking. And I really like their chicken salad (I think you can get it at Draper's or Room Service).

      In downtown Lewisburg I can recommend both Food and Friends (stop by the Harmony Ridge Gallery next door) and Tavern 1785. I have heard good things about Julian's, but have never been. Food and Friends is very casual and more homey. Tavern 1785 is a little more upscale. They have really good horseradish mashed potatoes. I wish they weren't out of the lavender creme brulee when I was there. Avoid the apple tart.

      Tavern 1785
      208 W Washington St, Lewisburg, WV 24901