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Jan 21, 2010 02:57 PM

Are there any *real* Cajun/Creole restaurants in Dallas?

I'm looking for New Orleaneans on here who live in Dallas. Can ya'll tell me where I can get some real Louisiana cooking around here? I'm born and raised so I know my New Orleans food so no Razoo's or anything like that. I've heard a few cheesy sounding places and I know of one tiny place in Deep Ellum that closed a few years back that was run by natives who moved here that was really good.

Tell me where to get real cajun and creole cooking!

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  1. I like The Big Easy in Plano. Usually order crawfish etouffee or gumbo there, obviously they'd be better towards later in the season.

    Big Easy
    1915 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75075

    1. Try The Alligator Cafe.

      The Alligator Cafe
      4416 Live Oak Street
      Dallas, TX 75204
      (214) 821-6900

      1. I feel your pain, I lived in Dallas for a few years in the 90's. Used to go to a place called Dodie's. A couple of guys from New Orleans owned it with their father. Good red beans, and sometimes white beans. Can't remember what else they had on the menu but it was always nice to go there and talk to the guys. Wow, looking at their website they have certainly expanded. I can't speak of any of the dishes currently as I haven't eaten there for quite some time.

        1. Nate's Seafood at Midway and Beltline was always very good. Fried pickles, too!

          1. I am no Cajun/Creole expert, but my husband grew up on the stuff. He also likes the Big Easy. Small place, good food, reasonable prices. So far, we haven't been disappointed.